Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

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Approximately 30 people attended a meeting December 15 in Moses Lake, Wash., to discuss the Connell Rail Interchange, a key rail interchange in Eastern Washington where the Columbia Basin Railroad line intersects with BNSF's Lakeside Subdivision line, which runs between Spokane and Pasco, Wash.

ARG Transportation Services' Coos Bay Rail Link Director of Rail Operations Darrell Rodley and San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad Manager of Operations Richard Archunde have been promoted to general managers of their respective companies, effective January 1.

The Canadian government introduced new regulations to help prevent accidents and improve railway safety.

Thursday, 18 December 2014 14:11

New York awards funding to 12 rail projects

New York State awarded $17.8 million in funding from the State's Passenger and Freight Rail Assistance Program to 12 rail projects that will repair and replace 65 miles of track and ties, rehabilitate grade crossings and bridges and construct new connections to improve safety and operations.

Congress approved the extension of the Section 45G shortline tax credit to cover all of the 2014 tax year.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Second Avenue Subway construction has reached a milestone with the on-time completion of the 86th Street Station cavern.

Four rail projects in South Dakota have received $56 million in public and private funds.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 13:26

CSX opens Montreal intermodal terminal

CSX opened a new intermodal terminal in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield near Montreal, QC.

Following months of work, a multitude of inspections and an additional CA$10 million (US$8.6 million) investment, Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMQ) got the go-ahead from Transport Canada.

On December 5, CMQ received the official revocation of a series of notices and orders, confirming immediate threats no longer exist on CMQ railway. The notices and orders were transferred to CMQ following its purchase of bankrupt Montreal Maine & Atlantic.

CMQ has spent the past four months installing more than 32,000 new crossties, 110,000 linear feet of rail and 25,000 tons of ballast, upgrading bridges, culverts and crossings, completing surfacing work and removing more than 300 in-track rail defects from its main tracks and sidings. The Sherbrooke subdivision is the 125-mile backbone of CMQ's Quebec rail line and stretches from Lac-Mégantic to Brookport just east of Farnham.

"We had to make this investment. The line was covered in snow last February and March when we were finally able to begin our diligence, but we made a commitment to Lac-Mégantic Mayor Laroche and citizens, as well as many regulators, that we would address the years of neglect," said CMQ President and Chief Executive Officer John Giles. "It was an extremely tough undertaking. We had industry peers questioning the amount of work that we signed up for with such a short construction season. I knew we were in good hands with Ron Marshall, general manager of engineering, leading this project with his team."

When asked about the scope of project, Marshall commented, "This is one of the most challenging construction seasons I've ever been involved in. But I knew from my experience working with this team at RailAmerica that I would have the support I needed. This investment demonstrates our team's commitment to operating the railway in a safe and responsible fashion."

CMQ considers Phase 1 of its transformation now largely completed.

"Not to say we don't have a lot more track and infrastructure work to do next spring, but we have already started Phase II, which focuses on growth, customers and interline partners," said Giles.


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