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Thursday, April 12, 2012

UP recognizes 74 companies as Pinnacle Award Winners

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Union Pacific named 74 companies as annual Pinnacle Award recipients for chemical transportation safety. The award recognizes Union Pacific customers that implemented successful prevention and corrective plans and achieved a rate of zero non-accident releases (NARs) for regulated hazardous materials shipments.

"We work closely with our customers to identify and share best practices to prevent a release during chemical shipment transit," said Diane Duren, Union Pacific vice president and general manager chemicals. "Chemical transportation safety is critical and this is Union Pacific's opportunity to acknowledge and thank our customers for their continuing efforts to eliminate chemical releases from rail cars. Rail is the safest way to haul the chemicals that Americans use every day, whether it is chlorine for drinking water or fertilizer for our farms that help feed the world."

The Pinnacle Award program, which began in 1996, is open to all Union Pacific hazardous material shippers, including chemical and petrochemical customers. Criteria include safe-loading techniques, securement of shipments and zero NARs. A non-accident release is an unintentional release of hazardous material during transportation not caused by an accident or train derailment. NARs consist of leaks, splashes and other releases from improperly secured or defective valves, fittings, safety relief devices and tank shells.
Non-accident releases of hazardous material declined more than 16 percent on Union Pacific's network from 2003 - 2011, due in part to increased inspections by the railroad's hazardous materials safety field personnel and customers adhering to the Pinnacle Award criteria.

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