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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canada Line Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge to open

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Vancouver's TransLink will officially open the Canada Line Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge linking South Vancouver with Richmond via a bridge connected to the Canada Line rail guideway on Aug. 14. 

The linking of the communities will start at 12:30pm. Cyclists and police bike patrols will accompany TransLink CEO Tom Prendergast and Vancouver Deputy Mayor Geoff Meggs from the north side of the bridge, with Richmond Deputy Mayor Ken Johnston, approaching from the south side. They will meet at the centre and then carry on to the south side of the span for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Members of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and Better Environmentally Sound Transportation have been invited to be part of this long-anticipated event. Once the ceremony is complete, the bridge will be opened for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. 

The C$10-million bridge was built and financed by TransLink. The bridge will provide a vital link across the Fraser River between existing cycling networks in Richmond and Vancouver, and those currently under development, providing more alternatives to private vehicles.