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Friday, November 06, 2009

CSXT first transportation provider to join Maryland Green Registry

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CSX Transportation is the first transportation provider selected to join the Maryland Green Registry, a voluntary self-certification program that promotes and recognizes sustainable practices by organizations throughout the state.


The Maryland Green Registry includes organizations that complete a best practices profile covering environmental management and leadership, waste reduction, energy and water conservation, transportation, and green building design.

"Maryland businesses like CSXT already know that even relatively simple steps to reduce our impact on the environment save money and create a healthier workplace," said Governor Martin O'Malley. "The Maryland Green Registry provides an opportunity for these organizations to share their stories and inspire others to take steps to protect our air, land, and water, including the Chesapeake Bay. We're fortunate to have more than 80 organizations in our State who have agreed to come forward and participate - including CSXT - and we hope to have hundreds more organizations join us."

"Environmental sustainability is fundamental to CSX's management principles and good business practices," said Michael Ward, Chairman, President and CEO of CSX. "CSX is proud to join the Maryland Green Registry, and we look forward to working with other participants to build a greener future for Maryland, where CSXT has a long and proud history."

CSXT was selected for the Maryland Green Registry due to its overall commitment to environmental sustainability. CSXT recently announced a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.4 million tons - the equivalent of taking 441,000 cars off the road each year, or burning 5,598,000 fewer barrels of oil.

Trains can move a ton of freight more than 436 miles on a single gallon of fuel, making rail transportation three times more fuel-efficient than highway transportation. Efficient use of fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions. According to the EPA, freight railroads account for just 2% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from transportation sources and well under 1% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

CSX is also a sponsor of the National Gateway, a public-private partnership that proposes a state-of-the-art rail corridor linking the East Coast's international deepwater ports and major consumption markets with the population and manufacturing centers of the Midwest. The National Gateway will deliver more than $2 billion of public benefits to Maryland by creating more than 10,000 jobs, increasing the market access potential for the Port of Baltimore by 114 percent, eliminating more than two million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reducing highway congestion and shifting 1.6 billion freight truck miles to rail.

CSXT has partnered with the EPA as the railroad industry's charter member in the SmartWay Transport Partnership and the first transportation company to join the EPA's Climate Leaders Program, leading voluntary improvements in greenhouse gas emissions.