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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

SpikeFast earns praise in UK

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WVCO Railroad Division has recently earned praise in the UK. The company's best selling product, SpikeFast, won first place in the "Change Challenge Cup," a competition put on by Platform magazine.

Platform magazine is an in-house publication for Tube Lines, the Public Private Partnership contractor with London Underground. As the PPP contractor, Tube Lines handles all of the maintenance, upgrade and infrastructure work for three major city lines. Each quarter the magazine holds the "Change Challenge Cup" competition. The competition challenges employees to implement ways they can save money and time for the company.

In the latest competition, a project manager and strategic asset manager shared how using SpikeFast to repair damaged rail ties would save the company £400k in RP1 and £830k in RP2. This translates to just over US$2 million. Tube Lines' commitment to using SpikeFast has resulted in thousands of rail ties having their life prolonged, which has resulted in a 400 percent increase in productivity.

SpikeFast, a proprietary product of WVCO Railroad Division based in Eugene, Ore., is a polymer that fills spike holes in wood ties. This tie-plugging compound adds new density to the rail seat. Performance tests commissioned by Class 1 railroads indicated that SpikeFast outperforms wood plugs and foams in both lateral resistance and pullout.

John Murray, vice president of WVCO, commented: "There's nothing more gratifying than hearing that our products are saving our customers time and money, because after all, that's what we're in business to do."