Friday, February 10, 2017

Short Line Safety Institute hopes small tips produce big safety gains

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One of the Short Line Safety Institute's Tuesday Tips. One of the Short Line Safety Institute's Tuesday Tips. Short Line Safety Institute

The Short Line Safety Institute (SLSI) launched a new safety initiative aimed at providing small railroads with seasonal safety tips.

The Safety Tip Tuesday program is meant to be posted in breakrooms and discussed during daily safety briefings. The tips are designed to be colorful with a new tip available on the Institute's website and Facebook page each Tuesday.

"The Safety Tip Tuesday program was created in response to an industry need uncovered during our many Safety Assessments," said Michele Malski, safety program manager. "Discussions with railroad leaders at recent training sessions confirmed that the railroads would like to have more Short Line Safety Institute materials to provide at safety briefings. We hope that our Safety Tip Tuesday program will engage and assist our industry in continuously improving their safety culture."

This winter's Safety Tips have included:

  1. Don't let your flange catch this ride! Use a locomotive or heavy loaded car to clear crossings and flange ways from any built up ice to help prevent derailments of lighter cars or equipment passing over these areas.
  2. Step towards safety in the New Year! Always check the walkways, side sills, and steps for snow and ice before entraining and detraining to ensure firm footing is possible. Clear the walkways and steps before use.
  3. Light the Way! Don't be in the dark about safety! Winter months offer fewer hours of daylight, contributing to reduced visibility. Check your batteries and functionality of lanterns and ensure you have the proper equipment to see your way when daylight is limited.
  4. Don't Ride on Danger! Avoid riding the side of cars over crossings in winter conditions. Ice build up may cause a derailment.
  5. Every Effort Counts! Be sure to have the "sand" conversation with your team. Using sand can be a vital part of your operation in wintry condition. Tractive effort and braking could be improved with the use of sand during these conditions.

"The Safety Institute will be issuing tips on a seasonal basis throughout 2017. The Safety Tip Tuesday program is a terrific example of what the Safety Institute can do to assist and encourage shortline railroads to continuously improve their safety culture," said Ron Hynes, executive director.

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