Track Machinery

Every railroad has a different ideal when it comes to machinery, but safety, reliability and ease of use are common factors found on every wish list.
In order to keep track in shape, an aggressive ballast maintenance program is key.
The Goldschmidt Thermit Group, a company based in Germany that specializes in welding, acquired 100 percent of PortaCo, Inc., a producer of hydraulic power units and tools headquartered in Moorhead,…
Herzog Railroad Services Inc. (HRSI) says its GPS ballast trains "are one of the safest and most efficient advancements of railroad maintenance equipment in decades. The tasks of unloading a…
Beefed up R&D efforts resulting in stronger, more reliable welds.
Montana Hydraulics has been awarded a contract to manufacture and deliver 54 bi-directional ballast plow units to FreightCar America. The current contract follows last year's order for 108 units.
Suppliers provide resources to keep roadbeds clear of water.
Auto Truck Group hired Steve Terry as regional fleet sales manager.
Brandt Road Rail Corporation has delivered the first Brandt R4 Power Units and OTM Trackers to Union Pacific (UP).
Suppliers manufacture and provide the most sophisticated tools for material handling to-date. With so many materials of various sizes and weights needed to build and maintain the railroads, multi-functional machines…
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