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Is Class 1 rail employment growing?

For the most part, the employment story at U.S. railroads during the past couple of years has been dismal. The words fear, layoff, furlough, cut, and fire have peppered nearly all news stories on the subject. PSR “adjustments” and Covid have mostly driven the reduction in the workforce.

OmniTRAX taps Class 1 rail leader as new CEO

The Broe Group’s transportation affiliate, OmniTRAX Inc., has named Dean Piacente its Chief Executive Officer. Piacente, an accomplished Class I rail leader with more than 20 years of tenure as a CSX

FRA + STB: seven Class 1s, one letter

Curiously timed with the start of the Republican National Convention (or perhaps not so curiously), the Surface Transportation Board and Federal Railroad Administration on Aug. 24 sent joint, identical letters to the