Tempe: Replaced section of rail bridge needs to look like original

The portion of the bridge that collapsed in Tempe, Ariz., will be rebuilt. Inspectors said the sections of the steel truss bridge that did not fail are structurally safe. Union Pacific is

Senior vice president of operations and mechanical at Norfolk Southern abruptly leaves company

After a year of leading NS’s “clean sheeting” initiative in a consulting role, Michael A. Farrell was named senior vice president transportation in Nov. 2018, then appointed senior vice president of operations

Section of Arizona bridge that partially collapsed is demolished

Union Pacific has begun the process of replacing or repairing the bridge that was the site of a derailment in Tempe, Ariz., as a 150-ft section of the structure was demolished. The

Report: Is KCS in play?

Two private equity firms are considering a takeover bid for Kansas City Southern, according to a report based on information from anonymous sources in the Wall Street Journal posted late afternoon on

Bells & Whistles—Train derailments and financial derailments

Ariz. bridge that collapsed also was site of derailment in June. Canadian National derailment earlier this year caused by “ice jacking”. Metro GM says more COVID funding is needed. STB: Texas Central

White House approves second Kansas City Southern international bridge

About five months ago, Kansas City Southern applied to the White House for a second international railroad bridge to cross from Laredo, Texas into Mexico to improve traffic flow between the two

Arizona bridge that collapsed also was site of derailment in June

The Tempe, Ariz., rail bridge that partially collapsed following a train derailment on July 29 was the site of another accident a little more than a month earlier. However, the derailment was

Canadian National derailment earlier this year caused by ‘ice jacking’

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has released a report of its findings after investigating a Canadian National derailment that occurred on February 18, 2020 at Emo, Ontario, northeast of the Minnesota

Rail bridge in Arizona partially collapses after derailment; rail cars catch on fire

Firefighters in Tempe, Ariz., were fighting a blaze caused by a train derailment on July 29. The accident happened early in the morning when a Union Pacific train lost some of its

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern’s Merchant Bridge project stands alone

Instead of a handful, Norfolk Southern is picking just one. The Class 1 railroad company released plans on replacing the Merchant Bridge in Pittsburgh, but opponents want other bridges along the same