Nonprofit Group Appeals Decision Regarding BNSF Rail Bridge

BISMARCK, N.D. – After BNSF has started construction on its Bismarck-Mandan Rail Bridge, Friends of the Rail Bridge have appealed to the North Dakota Supreme Court over bridge ownership.

BNSF Reconstructs and Expands Track 803 at Cicero Facility

CICERO, Ill. – At its Cicero facility, BNSF expanded track 803 to include an additional 4,200 feet a month ahead of schedule.

Families to Relocate After Living By Union Pacific Rail Yard

HOUSTON, Texas – After cancer clusters were found in Houston neighborhoods nearby a Union Pacific rail yard, the city plans to spend millions of dollars on relocation.

BNSF Rail Bridge Construction Continues

BISMARCK, N.D. – BNSF works on its rail bridge over the Missouri River with the current rail bridge still in use during construction of its replacement.

RT&S: Women in Railroad Engineering 2023

RT&S, JULY 2023 ISSUE – Setting the Example: Bringing technical expertise and hard work to rail engineering.

(Photograph Courtesy of BNSF)

Keeping on Top of Track Conditions from Down Under with ODIN

FORT WORTH, Texas – When it comes to safety at BNSF, there are many layers, starting from the ground up. Our Engineering team makes sure that our railroad track and all its components—roadbed, ballast, crossties, spikes, rail and more—are well maintained and dependable.

Union Pacific Employee-Designed E-Clip Cart Makes Removal Easy and Efficient

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Through input and improvements, a UP employee-designed cart removes e-clips automatically.

ICC Approves Ten Projects Across the State

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Commerce Commission approved ten projects across the state to help with safety upgrades, crossing improvements, and rail safety improvements.


Norfolk Southern Sues Chemical and Rail Companies Over East Palestine Cleanup

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – Norfolk Southern has filed a third-party complaint against the chemical and rail car owners involved in the East Palestine derailment last February.

CSX Maintenance Team in South Carolina Celebrates 20 Years of No Injuries

LAURENS, S.C. – CSX Track Maintenance team in Laurens, South Carolina celebrates 20 years being injury-free.

BNSF Schedules Operation Change for Next Weekend’s Rail Tie Replacement

WESTMONT, Ill. – Metra announced in a news release that BNSF will operate on a Sunday schedule next weekend in order to replace rail ties along the platform at Westmont.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

USDOT: Applications Welcome for $5.575B in Infrastructure Project Funding

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is now accepting infrastructure project applications for up to $5.575 billion in funding from three major discretionary grant programs. Applications are being solicited together under a single Notice

“In cooperation with federal, state, and local authorities, Norfolk Southern is advancing environmental recovery efforts in East Palestine,” reports the Class I, which says it has “reconstructed both mainlines after successfully excavating the impacted soil under the removed tracks and transporting it off-site.”

NS Reaches East Palestine Remediation Milestone

Norfolk Southern (NS) on June 26, nearly five months after the East Palestine, Ohio derailment, reported completing remediation of both tracks that run through the village, with rail traffic slated to resume “a normal schedule in the coming

Amtrak and BNSF Request Seattle to Close Part of South Holgate Street

SEATTLE – Amtrak and BNSF are requesting the city of Seattle to part with South Holgate Street so that both companies can enclose and barricade the area.

Norfolk Southern Completes Improvements to Ohio Railroad Bridge Infrastructure

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio – Norfolk Southern completes railroad bridge replacement and track elevation as part of its infrastructure improvements over a 22-state network.

BNSF Begins Construction on New Railway Bridge

BISMARCK, N.D. – BNSF will remove a 140 year old railway bridge and replace it with a new railway bridge that will last another one hundred years.

Nature’s Fury – Extreme Weather Can Ruin a Railroader’s Day

ATLANTA – A major challenge for the railroad industry is that it operates outside. Railroads build, own, and maintain their infrastructure, and when bad weather hits, it’s up to them to plan for and deal with it with their personnel and money.

South Carolina Lawmakers Fund Rail Line to Volvo Plant

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. – After years of delays, the South Carolina legislature has approved funding for a Palmetto Railways extension to a Volvo plant in Ridgeville.

Freight Service to Resume Along San Clemente Line After Landslide

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Freight service is allowed to resume service after a landslide took place in California.

Cleveland Delivers Survey of Dilapidated Rail Bridges to Class Is

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The city of Cleveland delivers letter to Class Is to address dilapidated rail bridges.