Rail Security Alliance expresses concern about CRRC to U.S. Dept. of Defense

The Vice President of the Rail Security Alliance has written a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Valley Link expected to receive $20 million in federal funding

The Valley Link light-rail system in California is on course to receive $20 million in federal funding.

Transit agencies earn praise from U.S. DOT for helping people to get to vaccination sites

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) today highlighted how transit agencies across the country are helping people in their communities get access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Sound Transit

Is the path to the passage of a major infrastructure bill already growing weeds?

Even though negotiations continue to be slow, the White House remains somewhat optimistic that a major infrastructure bill can be signed into law over the next few months.

Rail Group On Air: CFR 49 Part 243 virtual training with the Railroad Administration and Heartwood

Locomotive engineers have been qualified and trained with simulation technology for years. Through technology, the opportunity to leverage simulation beyond locomotive engineers is quickly emerging.

MBTA investigating several possible causes of March derailment, exacerbating tensions with CRRC

As RT&S reported in a story by Editor-in-Chief Bill Wilson on March 17, MBTA experienced a derailment of a new six-car train on the Orange Line in a work zone at Wellington Station on March 16. No one was hurt, but officials have been trying to determine what went wrong.

June issue of RT&S now available online

The June issue of Railway Track & Structures magazine features the 2021 RT&S Top Projects list along with a story on emergency slope stabilization and a product review of grade crossings.

How BNSF manages mud, rock, water, and snow detection

Most railroads operate through at least some mountainous territory along their lines, but perhaps no road faces a greater challenge than BNSF.

Caltrain electrification delayed to 2024

Caltrain has announced that the launch of electrified service has been delayed until late 2024.

Sound Transit

Sound Transit looks at later project completion dates to help temper affordability gap

Buying time is not going to impact Sound Transit’s embattled budget.