Orange County updates Next 10 Delivery Plan

Orange Country seems well-positioned for transportation infrastructure improvements during the next couple of decades.

Bells & Whistles—HART light-rail line might not make it to the end

Amtrak hoping for another $5.4 billion from Congress Single-tracking Purple Line in Montgomery County, Md., will put project at ‘significant risk’ Historic rail bridge in Iowa will be difficult to move, but

Congresswoman requests funding for next phase of Metra yard move

U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.) has requested $4,000,000 to continue the work of Metra’s move from an in-town yard in Crystal Lake to a larger facility in Woodstock.

L.B. Foster awarded contract to supply concrete ties for major project at Houston Metro

Houston Metro has awarded a major contract to L.B. Foster.


Amtrak hoping for another $5.4 billion from Congress

Amtrak is hoping President Biden is true to his nickname after the passenger service’s latest budget request.

SEPTA faces possible budget cut because of uncertainty of state funding

SEPTA is facing a possible significant cut in its Fiscal Year 2022 Capital Budget.

Watch: 360-degree video of what main feature of Calif. high-speed rail project will look like

The San Joaquin River Viaduct is an approximately 4,700-ft structure that will span the San Joaquin River in north Fresno and the Union Pacific tracks parallel to S.R. 99.

Helping Amtrak back on its feet—U.S. DOT and FRA providing $1.69 billion

Amtrak and other passenger transportation agencies continue to wrestle with the impact of, and continuing threat posed by COVID.

SEPTA: ‘Federal COVID relief funds critical, but temporary’

Despite the massive financial assistance to public transit provided by recent federal programs, SEPTA points out they are “critical, but temporary.” Therefore, careful budget planning and management are important.

COVID: We’re not out of the woods yet, and transit companies continue significant precautions

COVID is still a major threat to the United States.