Truck driver suing BNSF over railcar collision

Freightwaves is reporting that the driver of a tractor-trailer truck is suing BNSF for more than $75,000 after being hit on the passenger side by a pair of “uncontrolled” rolling boxcars at

Debate over moving liquefied natural gas by rail hits the fan

In April of this year, the Trump administration directed the U.S. Department of Transportation to allow railroads to haul liquefied natural gas in special tank cars within 13 months. This was driven

Texas high-speed rail moving forward

Archinect and the Houston Chronicle are reporting Texas Central has signed a deal with an Italian company to design, build, and put in the Texas Bullet Train, a 240-mile line between Dallas

U.S. lawmakers concerned that Chinese rail passenger car manufacturer is a national security threat

The New York Times is reporting that there is new tension between the United States and China.  The issue involves CRRC Corporation, a Chinese state-owned company, which is the largest manufacturer of

A look ahead to automatic

Aug. 27, 2019, will arguably be one of the single most important days in North American freight railroading in recent history. On a test track at TTCI (Transportation Technology Center, Inc.) in

PTC interoperability moving forward, but slowly

Freightwaves is reporting that the Federal Railroad Administration’s Q2 PTC progress report released Monday said that 23.3 percent of the nation’s domestic railroad operations have achieved interoperability.  Interoperability was at 16 percent at

Illinois joins debate on train crew size

The debate around the number of crew members who should be in a locomotive cab on a freight train has been going on the past several years.  After a proposal by the

Nevada AFL-CIO takes stand on train crew issue

The debate between railroad management and agreement employees continued yesterday with the Nevada State AFL-CIO adopting a resolution that requests Federal action on the question of train crew size. The labor organization

CN to acquire CSX line in New York

Canadian National announced the signing of an agreement that will see CN acquire the Massena rail line from CSX, which represents more than 220 miles of track between Valleyfield (Quebec), in Canada,

Short Line association tells DOT, “we’re important, too”

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA), represented by Jo Strang, Senior Vice President, Safety & Regulatory Policy, testified Monday before a Small Business Administration hearing on National Regulatory Fairness.