University wants to be involved in grade-crossing project decisions in Pembroke, N.C.

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Riverside, Calif. will see an at-grade crossing replaced with an underpass.
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The University of North Carolina-Pembroke would like to be part of the equation. Pembroke plans on executing grade crossing work this summer, and during a meeting on Jan. 4 a spokesperson for the university pointed out that UNCP was not mentioned in the agreement, and asked for a spot at the table.

Travis Bryant, associate vice chancellor for Campus Safety and Emergency Operations at UNCP, told the town council that the university has been taking care of the right-of-way of the grade crossing on University Road for a while now. Bryant said the university would like to see what the section would look like, and that because of its involvement with the grade crossing UNCP should be part of the process.

As of right now, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), the town of Pembroke and CSX form the agreement. The work that will be done is the result of a study done by the NCDOT. Pavement markings, signage upgrades, queue cutter signal installation, four quad gate installation, asphalt resurfacing and road widening will all be done late this summer. In addition, grade crossings on Jones and Vance streets will be closed. A Z gate crossing also will be constructed, and Councilman Channing Jones would like a visual example of what the Z crossing, which forces pedestrians to turn and be able to see oncoming trains as they cross the tracks, will look like to make sure it is consistent with the design standards of the university and town.

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