CN upgrades make border crossing seamless

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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Canadian National still needs to sign off on agreements involving an autoport in Richmond, Minn.
Canadian National

In March 2018, Canadian National (CN) completed a major expansion project that nearly doubled the railroad’s Ranier border crossing facility.

The project’s results include:

  • A full service track-side Centralized Examination Station (CES)
  • An additional 6000 square feet and additional bay doors to further expedite the handling of inspection cargo
    A new refrigerated cargo inspection area
  • Expanded our fumigation bay. Since 2014, CN has been the only transborder rail carrier that offers full on-site fumigation services
  • Border patrol officers stationed on-site to compliment CN’s one of a kind “Live-Lift” operations for faster turnaround of inspected cargo and train release
  • Increased staff and cargo handling equipment as well as expanded CES facility supports

The railroad’s latest expansion and upgrade is the culmination of several recent initiatives to expedite border crossing, said Lonny Kubas, director of marketing, International Intermodal at CN.

“CN continues to invest for the long haul in the infrastructure, equipment, people, and innovation that will help us provide superior service to our customers,” Kubas said. “We are committed to investments that allow us to grow with our customers.”

In November 2011, the railroad led an industry-changing process called Live-Lift at Ranier to ease the process for intermodal trains crossing the Canada-U.S. border, CN noted.

With Live-Lift for single container inspection, CN minimizes train delays while speeding up border crossings for our customers.

“At our unique enhanced border crossing, CN efficiently facilitates the handling of containers and train loading plans for inspection releases,” the railroad said. “Live-Lift has eliminated the majority of U.S.-rejected containers, thereby reducing transit times and delays.”

Since debuting Live-Lift, CN has continued to evolve its border inspection process at Ranier to further improve the border crossing process for customers.

By partnering with border agencies, CN says the railroad is enabled to expedite the crossing process at each of its border crossing points.

With this latest expansion, CN’s Ranier facility now provides various inspection services similar to those found at U.S. major ports of entry.

“Providing a fluid, safe and capacity enhanced Canada-U.S. border for our customers is another example of CN’s commitment to helping them all reach farther,” the railroad said.

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