Canada Line start brings station name changes

Written by jrood

The launch of the new Canada Line transit system in Vancouver will mean a key change in customer trip planning. Because one of the new Canada Line stations is located on Broadway, concerns have been raised by police, ambulance and fire dispatchers of potential confusion between Broadway/City Hall and Broadway/Commercial SkyTrain station.

For that reason, as of September
7 (the date of the quarterly service adjustments), the SkyTrain station located
at the intersection of Broadway and Commercial Drive will become known as Commercial
– Broadway Station. This name shall apply to both the "Expo Line" station (overhead,
on the south side of Broadway) and the "Millennium Line" station (on the north
side, in the Grandview Cut).

Unlike other SkyTrain
stations, this "combined" station will have four platforms, each of which will
be numbered; these numbers will be used in the Trip Planner. There will also be
numbered signs on each platform and signage outside the stations, directing
customers to the correct platforms. Station diagrams will be available at the
station itself and online.