East Chicago Rail Terminal Announces Track Expansion

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of East Chicago Rail Terminal

CHICAGO – East Chicago Rail Terminal announced it has completed a track expansion.

In a press release, East Chicago Rail Terminal announced it has completed a track expansion “aimed at improving a major chemical manufacturer’s railcar unloading and product blending throughput.” 

The General Manager of ERRT, Alex Engelke, stated in the release that its team works to solve customer problems and “by providing daily switching services, our customers can add throughput without the need for additional capital equipment or non-rail storage. ERRT’s goal is to eliminate the railroad as a chokepoint or point of failure in a customer’s supply chain.”

According to the release, the new business “will amount to 600 to 800 additional railcars a year for the two-year-old independently owned and operated shortline railroad and a 30% increase in throughput for the customer.”

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