Second Portion of Ohio’s Historic Hamilton Train Station Relocated

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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The historic Hamilton station in March of 1993
Wikimedia Commons

Last month, onlookers witnessed the roughly 1,000-foot relocation of a two-story building that was previously part of a CSX train depot to the intersection of Maple Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Hamilton, Ohio.

A second building, this time a one-story structure, began moving on Jan. 17 to make the same trek along MLK Jr. Boulevard, according to a local news report. Wolfe House & Building Movers placed the single-story structure on wheels on Jan. 11 in preparation for its relocation the following week.

City Engineer Rich Engle told a local news outlet that the December building relocation was “very successful.” The moving company calculated the approximate weight of the two-story building at about 220 tons.

Masons are currently installing concrete blocks to build up the base from the old concrete structure, with more work still to be done, according to a report. After the wall is set, mortar will need to cure for at least 28 days before the immediate load of the building is brought down. The city will wait a full 30 days before the structure is brought down.

City officials have been working for a couple of years now to get the two structures relocated. The city has been working to save the historic landmark since 2020, when Hamilton officials learned that CSX planned to demolish the pair of buildings, according to a local news story. 

The relocation of the two buildings is nearly complete, following negotiations with CSX and debate among City Council members on a budget of no more than $2 million.

After the structures have been moved onto the new foundations, they will be converted into “white box” condition so that any business can carry out business-specific interior renovations and occupy the buildings, according to a report.