BART replacing rail near Hayward Station in July

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
Critical rail replacement goal achieved at Orinda Station; July 4th weekend track closure cancelled
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Between July and September 2020, BART crews will be working around the clock to replace and rebuild the nearly 50-year-old interlocking and other critical track components located just south of the Hayward BART Station. An interlocking is like an intersection for trains. It allows trains to cross from one track to another.

During this three-month period, there will be five non-consecutive weekends when BART crews will need to work in the trackway all weekend long. To keep crews safe, BART will close the trackway between the Bay Fair and South Hayward stations and replace train service with free buses.  The weekends when free buses will replace regular train service between the Bay Fair and South Hayward stations are July 18-19, August 1-2, August 22-23, September 5-7 (Labor Day weekend), and September 19-20. Riders who need to use the bus bridge should plan to add 20-40 minutes to their trips.

During these track closure weekends some neighbors and nearby businesses will experience noises coming from equipment and crews along with seeing bright lights at night.  Noise levels are expected to be like those from past maintenance work in the area. The results of this project will be a safer and more reliable system for riders and a quieter BART experience for neighbors. It will also mean that BART will not have to do this sort of work in the same neighborhood for decades to come.

The work team will maximize its time in the trackway by not only replacing the track interlocking but also by accomplishing a series of vital rebuilding tasks.  Project highlights include:

  • Replacing four track switches that are at the end of their useful lives.  These are large track components that can measure up to 200 feet in length and allow trains to move from line to line.
  • Installing approximately 4,000 feet of new rail.
  • Replacing approximately 700 badly worn wooden ties with longer-lasting, concrete ones.
  • Replacing 1,000 tons of rock ballast, which is essential for stabilizing the rail.
  • Installing 400 feet of duct banks, conduit, and cabling in preparation for the installation of a new train control system, which will eventually allow BART to run more frequent service.
  • Replacing approximately 1,400 feet of electrified third rail, third rail coverboards, and other traction power components.
  • Installing new 34.5 kV power lines to ensure trains have a reliable source of power.
  • Installation of new, yellow platform edge tiles on the Hayward Station platform.

The project is funded by Measure RR, a $3.5 billion bond measure that voters in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties overwhelmingly approved in 2016 to rebuild BART to make the system safer and more reliable.

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