Texas Central now has a date with the Texas Supreme Court regarding its status as a railroad company

Written by RT&S Staff
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Texas Central now finds itself dealing with the Texas Supreme Court over the definition of its company.
Texas Central

The Texas Supreme Court has changed course on a case involving the Texas Central high-speed rail project.

After originally declining the case, the Supreme Court decided to take it on after reviewing a petition from landowner Jim Miles. The case centers around whether or not Texas Central is legally a railroad company. If it is, then it has the eminent domain authority to acquire property for the high-speed rail route that will connect Dallas to Houston. Oral arguments are set to take place on Jan. 11, 2022.

Miles vs. Texas Central R.R. & Infrastructure, Inc. was ruled in favor of the property owner in trial court, but an appeals court overturned the decision. The appeals court said Texas Central was operating a railroad and was therefore a railroad company as defined by the applicable statute.

The petition claims Texas Central is not a railroad company because currently it has no track and does not operate trains.

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