Controversial Amtrak plan becomes more, well, controversial

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Amtrak wants to restrict access to the Hudson River, and is now calling for more barriers.

In response to a plan that was openly criticized a few years ago, Amtrak is responding with a heavy closing statement. The passenger rail service re-issued a plan for fences and gates along tracks in Dutchess and Columbia counties in New York. Critics say it calls for more restricted access to the Hudson River than the first plan three years ago.

Amtrak now wants almost 24,000 ft of fencing or gates between Hyde Park and Albany. Amtrak claims trespassing on railroad property is the No. 1 cause of rail-related deaths in the U.S., and New York ranks No. 4.

Environmental group Scenic Hudson is not happy with the revisions. Director of Land Use Advocacy Jeffrey Anzevino says now the plan includes more blocked locations, which was the reason for the public scrutiny back in 2018.

Amtrak wants to block roads that are being used by people who are out to fish in the Hudson River.

Anzevino says Amtrak should work with communities to develop more access points that serve two purposes: safety and the needs of the public.

Amtrak will be releasing a statement shortly.

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