Long Island Rail Road to install two new rail bridges in East Hampton, N.Y., to help with large truck traffic

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Preventive maintenance, like replacing aging track switches, has helped LIRR register its best on-time performance since 2016.

Anything big or large is being more accepted in today’s society, and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is making sure large trucks are just like any other form of transportation on North Main Street and Accabonac Road in East Hampton Village, N.Y. Soon they will be able to pass under a couple of railroad trestles. The existing structures are too low for bigger vehicles, and the new bridges will be 3 ft higher.

LIRR crews are currently building caisson foundations to support the trestles on North Main Street. Next week they will be at the Accabonac Road location. Stone ballast will be added to raise the track 30 in. to make room for the new bridges. Crews will remove and replace the trestle on Accabonac Road between Oct. 23-26 before repeating the operation on North Main Street starting Oct. 27.

Cedar Street has been the main alternate route for commercial vehicles in East Hampton Village, and traffic can be so bad the Emergency Services Building is often boxed in. New bridges will help thin the traffic on Cedar Street and Cooper Lane, another street used by large trucks. Once the new bridges are in place the town will see how traffic responds before putting in any restrictions on trucks.

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