Canadian Pacific still dealing with a flood-threatening Mississippi River in Davenport, Iowa

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Class 1 railroad
Canadian Pacific wants to construct new track that will lead to more storage for freight cars.
Canadian Pacific

The flood stage for the Mississippi River is 16 ft. Right now in Davenport, Iowa, it sits at 16 ft 6 in. With a washout threatening, Canadian Pacific is taking action.

The Class 1 railroad company has been busy dumping rocks around its railroad tracks along the Mississippi River this week. A wheel loader was being used to handle the aggregate, and the hope is none of the land surrounding the tracks will erode due to flowing water.

If Davenport experiences a winter with high precipitation washouts could be a big problem. Even if the winter is mild and the Mississippi River water level remains high washouts might have to be dealt with in early 2020.

A few months ago Canadian Pacific took an extreme step in downtown Davenport by raising the track and making railroad crossing impassable. A work group was assembled to evaluate conceptual designs on how the crossings will look in the future to keep them open. City of Davenport officials have been working with Canadian Pacific on some options, but nothing will happen until next spring. In the meantime, more final design plans will advance through the planning process during the winter.

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