CTC allocates funds for ACE grade separation project

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) allocated $334 million in funding to 53 projects, including $48 million to the Alameda Corridor East - Construction Authority (ACE) Puente Avenue Grade Separation Project.


The $99-million Los Angeles County grade separation project will construct a roadway underpass for Puente Avenue; a bridge for Valley Boulevard and a double-track bridge for Union Pacific’s 20 daily trains. The project includes a loop connector road west of Puente Avenue and south of Valley Boulevard to re-establish the connection between Puente Avenue and Valley Boulevard.

In 2010, vehicles that used the Puente Avenue crossing were blocked for 31.5 vehicle-hours and that number is expected to increase to 87.8 vehicle-hours of delay by 2035. UP’s 20 trains per day is expected to increase to 42 trains per day by 2025.

According to ACE, project design, environmental and right-of-way acquisition phases are complete and a construction contract is expected to be awarded in the fall.

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