LILEE Systems announces SafeRail, the first Hi-Rail Collision Avoidance System on the market

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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Yesterday, LILEE Systems announced the release of SafeRail, the first complete Hi-Rail Collision Avoidance System, which the company says is setting a new standard in rail safety.

SafeRail integrates with SafeRide to protect hi-rail vehicles on the tracks and on the road. With SafeRail, LILEE Systems expands its rail safety portfolio beyond PTC (Positive Train Control) and brings its expertise and experience in autonomous driving to the rail environment.

LILEE Systems SafeRail provides:

  • Proximity and Authority Limit Alerts – aimed to avoid hi-rail vehicle collisions. SafeRail integrates with the AMTEC dispatch system and monitors the set Authority Limits sending alerts when hi-rail vehicles approach limits, get too close to one other, or are speeding. SafeRail records all unsafe events.
  • Foreman Mobile App – integrates into the Amtrak workflow to allow the Daily Hi-Rail Inspection form to be submitted electronically. The app allows the foreman to accept the limit authority, receive alerts, and grant permission to another foreman.
  • Obstacle detection – SafeRide, an AI-based system that is currently also used on LILEE autonomous driving buses, is now used in SafeRail to detect obstacles and calculate distance to the obstacle. Alerts are sent when the distance becomes unsafe which protects maintenance vehicles from unexpected objects in the way.

Yale Lee, Co-Founder and Vice President of Technology at LILEE Systems: “PTC is a federally mandated system with controlled monitoring and functions for locomotives. Maintenance vehicles do not have a similar control system so collisions can still occur. Either between the train and the hi-rail vehicle, between two hi-rail vehicles, or between a hi-rail vehicle and an obstacle in the way. SafeRail was created to complete the safety story and protect maintenance-of-way and hi-rail workers and vehicles.”

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