Union Pacific rolling out training trailers

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Union Pacific

Union Pacific built a fleet of mobile classrooms to bring state-of-the-art operations and safety training to locomotive engineer and conductor locations across its 23-state system.

Throughout the years, Union Pacific has used existing or rented training facilities across most of its network to prepare employees for their railroad career, introduce them to new technology and provide them with refresher courses. The new mobile classrooms will supplement ongoing training conducted at facilities across the Union Pacific network, where employees are introduced to new technology and provided refresher certification courses.

Early training equipment, such as locomotive simulators, were large and heavy, about the size of two large deep freezers sitting side-by-side. Today, through technological advances, those same locomotive simulations can be experienced on a laptop computer with these mobile classrooms.

The four 50-foot-long and one 48-foot-long mobile classrooms use pioneering communication capabilities to sync with Union Pacific’s mainframe computer network, accessing the most current instructional sessions and federal training documentation.

Every mobile classroom has seven workstations, each capable of accommodating two employees. Each simulator station includes a webcam feature enabling instructors in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Omaha, Neb., to assist the students at any time.

Trailers are equipped with security features including streaming video and secure access doors. The secured doors can be opened from the outside by employees entering their employee identification numbers or remotely by instructors in Salt Lake City or Omaha.

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