Watch: California High-Speed Rail Authority releases March 2021 construction update

Earlier this week, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) released its March 2021 Construction Update highlighting ongoing progress on the nation’s first high-speed rail project.

Going cheap on section of high-speed rail project in Calif. has created hefty cost overruns

Dealing with an environmentally sensitive area, California’s high-speed rail project is polluting its budget.

Bells & Whistles—The $100 billion rail tunnel project

The top news stories RT&S was covering the week ending Feb. 12.

California high-speed rail project asking for billions more

The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s money problem appears to be getting worse.

California high-speed rail gets psychological boost of support from FRA

While the California high-speed rail project has suffered from ups and downs over the past few years, the project got a psychological boost today from the Acting Federal Railroad Administrator Amit Bose.

Major viaduct now complete on high-speed rail route in California

The California High-Speed Rail Authority and design-build contractor California Rail Builders announced the completion of the Garces Highway Viaduct, north of the city of Wasco in Kern County. The viaduct, which will

‘Beyond comprehension’: Contractor of California’s high-speed rail project says large chunk of land still has not been acquired

A prime contractor on the San Francisco-to-Los Angeles high-speed rail construction project says progress on the bullet train continues to be slow and staggered, and to expect cost increases and delays to

Watch: New alternatives to high-speed rail line in Calif. reduce impacts to sensitive aquatic resources

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has announced three new modified build alternatives have been added to the Palmdale to Burbank Project Section. The new routes will reduce potential impacts to sensitive aquatic

Watch: Drone footage of girder placement on high-speed rail project

A drone along Avenue 88 in Tulare County, Calif., shows crews placing 19 of the 20 girders needed to form the superstructure of the grade separation. The shortest girders were nearly 59

Outside issues might put grade-separation plan for Palo Alto, Calif., on hold

The city of Palo Alto, Calif., wants to rule on grade separation alternatives before the years is over, but Caltrain and the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) are getting in the way.