Ottawa changes format, allows public access to consultant reviewing plan for embattled Confederation Line

Transportation Resource Associates (TRA) is looking over Rideau Transit Maintenance’s (RTM) return-to-service plan on Ottawa’s Confederation Line following a pair of derailments.

With deadline looming in 10 days, House and Senate might be struggling to pass infrastructure bill

When Oct. 31 comes to an end, Biden’s massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan will turn into a pumpkin.

Bells & Whistles—LaGuardia had a new transit line, but now it does not

RT&S covers the top news stories of the week.

The first rail line to LaGuardia Airport now on hold after pressure from politicians, environmentalists

LaGuardia Airport in New York is part of an exclusive group in the U.S.

Edmonton’s light-rail project will not be ready for rides in 2021

Delays have become a part of the Valley Line Southeast LRT project in Edmonton over the years, so it is only natural there is another one.

Hampton Roads Transit looking to extend Tide light-rail service

Officials in Virginia do not want the Tide to lose a wave of momentum.

Northgate light-rail extension opens for Sound Transit

Sound Transit opened the Northgate light-rail extension over the weekend.

Lacking support, Congressional leaders push back vote deadline on infrastructure bill

With the House of Representatives delaying a vote on a long-term infrastructure bill late last week, the Senate is now looking at a different deadline.

After getting the boot from BNSF, Metro Blue Line will now have to use County Road 81

With BNSF not allowing the use of tracks for the Metro Blue Line Extension Project in the Minneapolis suburbs, officials are now in the process of going door to door.

New study says transit options need to be fed to Baltimore’s Black Butterfly

Baltimore’s Black Butterfly needs to get out of this non-transit cocoon.