Federal funding enables MTA to breathe easier through first half of 2024

From a financial point of view, the MTA can breathe a sigh of relief.

Some at MTA want the East Side Access project to be a subsidiary, but not everyone agrees

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) believes the East Side Access project deserves its own office.

Leadership changes at MTA; Sarah Feinberg nominated Board Chair

Several leadership changes have been made at the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

MTA ready for major track renewal project

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced critical infrastructure work coming to its 6 Avenue and 8 Avenue lines in Manhattan this summer.

Bells & Whistles—Handful of NYC Transit track inspectors fail on the job

With one big veto, Maryland governor chooses roads over rail Fixing a financial crisis with a people mover? Details of HART’s light-rail options released MTA Inspector General ‘alarmed and appalled’ by reports

MTA completes replacement of 10th Avenue Bridge in Mount Vernon

MTA’s work on vehicle and pedestrian bridges that cross Metro-North’s New Haven commuter line is underway. Tenth Avenue Bridge is complete.

Governor Cuomo announces completion of major construction of East Side Access

A major LIRR project has been completed in New York.

MTA ridership continues to rise, reaches new pandemic record

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that the New York City Subway, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad have reached pandemic ridership records, with 2,239,500 trips on the New York City Subway (including 3,823 on the Staten Island Railway), 101,600 LIRR, and 83,100 Metro-North trips recorded on Friday, May 7. New York City Buses reached a pandemic high one day earlier, on Thursday, May 6, of 1,245,629.

New York lawmaker wants Amtrak to repair rail tunnels one way … and it could become law

Repairing tunnels damaged by Hurricane Sandy would have a ripple effect on other projects in New York.

More ‘straphangers’ returning to New York City subway

MTA reports that more “straphangers” are returning to the New York City subway.

Read and Watch: MTA announces completion of Sandy resiliency work in F Line’s East River tunnel

President of MTA Construction & Development Janno Lieber today announced that work to repair the F line’s tunnel under the East River has been completed, on time and on budget.

MTA trains have more zip thanks to signal upgrade

More Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) subway trains are on schedule, and that has to do with a massive effort to replace train signals.

Bells & Whistles—LIRR project stopped after worker electrocuted

Ambitious capital plan of New York’s MTA is now back on track thanks to federal relief MTA launches safety investigation after LIRR third track electrocution Washington Metro puts workers in danger during

MTA launches safety investigation after LIRR third track electrocution

The accident that left a worker in serious condition on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) third track expansion project has led to an investigation on safety practices.

Worker in critical condition after being electrocuted on LIRR third track expansion project

An ironworker involved in the Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) third track expansion project was electrocuted on March 14 and is in critical condition.

Demolition of building, part of third track expansion, traps LIRR signal workers

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is trying to figure out what happened when a building partially collapsed onto another building and trapped workers.


Will New York receive a downpour of federal funding to serve the ‘subway desert’?

New York’s “transit desert” could get a line that leads to the great oasis.

Despite the terrible weather, MTA slogs through

Ed. Note: We’ve been covering the impact of the U.S. weather on Class 1s this week, and thought you might enjoy this coverage on how MTA is fighting through the snow, delivering service to those who must travel. We encourage you to click on the “availalbe here” MTA link below for a series of photographs that really bring home the impact of the storm on MTA workers, as well as rail workers around the country. DCL

MTA to perform track and switch replacement on 1 Line

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) [Friday] announced service changes on the line to accommodate track and switch replacements along the line beginning at the end of the month. Over the course of

MTA teams with other transit agencies to hold virtual rally for federal relief

On Monday, RT&S reported on the dire situation public transit agencies find themselves in due to loss of ridership caused by the pandemic. Yesterday, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) held