Rail Group On Air: NJ Transit’s Kevin Corbett on completing PTC

New Jersey Transit met the December 31, 2020 federally mandated deadline for implementing Positive Train Control. NJT President and CEO Kevin Corbett discusses the project’s complexity, and the “come from behind” coordination and

Parsons, NJ Transit complete Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation

After months of teeth-gnashing and worry over whether NJ Transit would meet the Dec. 31, 2020 deadline of PTC implementation, Parsons announced today that the deadline has been met, with less than

NJ Transit CEO puts job on the line if PTC deadline is not met

NJ Transit CEO Kevin Corbett says his agency will meet the Dec. 31 federal deadline for the successful installation of Positive Train Control (PTC). In fact, he’s so confident he is willing

New Portal North Bridge across Hackensack River one step closer to reality

Construction of a new Portal North Bridge has taken a big step forward following NJ Transit’s approval of a Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) with the Federal Transit Administration. The new span

Federal Railroad Administration publishes Q3 2020 PTC status, and NJ Transit responds

Editor’s Note: We have reproduced the FRA’s report, released this morning, regarding the status of PTC implementation on the required railroad mileage in the United States. The report devotes a paragraph to

Rail line from Scranton, Pa., to New York City caught in a losing battle

In college sports, if you are at the bottom of a list the only way you can move up is if you register some major victories. The long-awaited train line from Scranton,

NJ Transit working feverishly to complete installation of PTC

The Federal Railroad Administration has repeatedly warned NJ Transit that the agency seems it will not meet the December 31, 2020 PTC implementation deadline. NJ Transit leadership, however, has maintained that they

NJ Transit sets ops, capex budgets

The New Jersey Transit Board of Directors has approved a $2.6 billion operating budget for fiscal year 2021 and a five-year capital plan. They support continued investment in personnel, infrastructure and equipment;

Bells & Whistles—Ottawa residents fear light-rail project

Ottawa failing to calm eviction fears of low-income families as light-rail line construction looms NS suffers from two derailments Instead of natural gas, NJ Transit now energized to find alternatives for electricity

Instead of natural gas, NJ Transit now energized to find alternatives for electricity

NJ Transit no longer thinks natural gas is the natural choice for the redesign of its microgrid, which will improve the supply electricity to lines of track in the region. After months