Northgate Link light rail testing moves into final stages

Sound Transit will open three new stations this fall, and testing of the new line is at a fever pitch. Below is a story prepared by Sound Transit’s Zee Shaner about the new line and preparations.

Sound Transit approves Affordable Schedule at a cost to riders

The Sound Transit board approved the Affordable Schedule on Aug. 5, but it will only cost the public access to new light-rail lines as a number of projects now face a delay.

Heaven sent from Washington? Sound Transit receives key funding for two projects

Sound Transit will be receiving some much needed federal funding for the Lynnwood Link and Federal Way Extension light-rail projects.

Bells & Whistles—House passes infrastructure bill to put pressure on the Senate

Transportation Secretary says it is time for Gateway Project work, but N.Y. Gov. Cuomo says there are other needs BNSF moves forward with plans to demolish rail bridge over Skagit River House

Sound Transit

Sound Transit realignment plan called the ‘worst decision’ board could make

Sound Transit’s plan of delaying several projects by years is not going over well with politicians and the public.

Closure on I-5 ramps and highway for Lynnwood Link construction planned for June 26

Sound Transit is moving forward with the light rail bridge over I-5.

Lynnwood Link rising along Interstate 5

The Lynnwood Link extension is making good progress.

Bells & Whistles—A sinkhole and a sinking budget

Is the path to the passage of a major infrastructure bill already growing weeds? Sound Transit looks at later project completion dates to help temper affordability gap Unusual rail movement at grade

Sound Transit

Sound Transit looks at later project completion dates to help temper affordability gap

Buying time is not going to impact Sound Transit’s embattled budget.

Sound Transit completes new light rail base in Bellevue

Sound Transit is ready to open its new Operations and Maintenance Facility: East (OMF East), a key component of upcoming Link extensions to Northgate, Lynnwood, Federal Way and Redmond.