Amtrak, MTA join forces on mega rail infrastructure deal

Written by RT&S Staff
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Amtrak and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority have agreed to work together on two rail projects.

Now that the deal has been signed, the dealings begin.

Following President Biden’s signature on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill a few weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) helped finalize an agreement with Amtrak where the passenger carrier will use $500 million in federal funding for a Metro-North project. The $2.87 billion effort would connect Metro-North Railroad to Penn Station in Manhattan.

Today, Metro-North only takes passengers to the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The new line connected to Penn Station also would include four stops in the Bronx.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority also has agreed to contribute $432 million for the $1.3 billion project to repair the East River Tunnels.

Schumer said the tunnels are the most important link in the commute of hundreds of thousands of Long Island residents. He said a problem in one tunnel creates a nightmarish domino effect for the entire Long Island Rail Road system, which is unacceptable.

Amtrak is a frequent user of the East River Tunnels.

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