Axion: ECOTRAX product and performance standards advance

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Axion International Holdings, Inc., says the developmental progression of its ECOTRAX™ composite crossties is yielding consistently higher performance results, which meet and exceed domestic and international standards for crossties.

In targeting and achieving new standards, Axion has worked to strengthen its product to meet the increased weights and speeds its customers are running. More and more ECOTRAX customers are pushing into the 60-100 million gross tons per year zone and Axion says it is increasing its standards to meet this demand.

“We believe that our achievements in composite rail tie and rail sleeper quality, performance and consistency are at levels never before seen in the industry. We are very proud of this achievement. It’s a milestone for Axion and we believe it creates a serious barrier to entry as we set ourselves on a pace for continuous improvements that exceed customer expectations for performance and value,” stated President and CEO Steve Silverman. “This will be the first of many advancements in our technology as Axion continuously strives to be the leader in composite infrastructure products.”

Axion says it continually evaluates its raw material streams, its manufacturing processes and its quality control standards. These improvements, the company notes, has led to increasingly higher performance achievements that are consistent batch-to-batch, day-to-day across multiple different manufacturing facilities.

Based on the results documented by independent testing facilities and confirmed by the company’s regular quality testing, Axion says ECOTRAX ties perform at an average 50 percent above the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association’s standards for measures including modulus of elasticity and flexural strength.

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