Virtual Data Room created for Hudson Tunnel Project bidders

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Hudson River Tunnel
Gateway Program Development Corp.

Gateway Program Development Corp. has launched a “virtual data room” in order to give potential bidders better access to technical information about  the Hudson Tunnel Project.

The room, which can be accessed only through special permission from the Gateway Program Development Corp., allows potential bidders to review existing data and propose areas for additional geotechnical study long before the formal procurement process begins. In addition to data created during preliminary engineering of the tunnel project, the data room houses historical geotechnical information from other infrastructure projects in the area, including the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Project, Lincoln Tunnel and North River Tunnel.

“Unknown ground conditions are a major factor in adding cost and time to tunneling projects around the world, so by undertaking this work now, GDC is actively working with the private sector to reduce the impact of this risk on the cost and schedule of the project,” GDC interim Finance Director Frank Sacr, said in a written statement.

The idea for the data room followed feedback from the private sector during an 18-month-long request for Information process.

The Hudson River Tunnel project would create a new, two-track tunnel to carry passenger trains from New Jersey, under the Hudson River, to New York City’s Penn Station. Environmental analysis and pre-procurement design are under way now. The project would also rehabilitate a 108-year old tunnel that was badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Qualified firms that wish to access the data room can request permission through the GDC by visiting

To learn more about the Hudson Tunnel Project, watch the video below.


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