Curved section of Brightline construction in Fla. catches the eye

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Construction of Brightline’s West Palm Beach-to-Orlando International Airport route continues to make progress.

Brightline sure knows how to gain attention. Off of S.R. 528 near Canaveral Grove, Fla., sits a 600-ft-long, 30-ft-tall concrete tunnel tube that will be used later this year.

Passenger trains will use the tunnel to cross the north and south sides of the Beachline Expressway. The casting yard is not far from the long structure that sits on a dirt road. Panels are stacked up and curing to the appropriate compressive strength. A total of 121 curved concrete panels will form the tunnel, which is part of Brightline’s West Palm Beach-to-Orlando International Airport.

While the panels are being constructed, workers are using 750,000 cu yd of fill to raise the elevation of S.R. 528 35 ft. The fill was transported across the road by a conveyor belt, preventing 68,000 truck trips. Crews will cover the tunnel with dirt and build a new highway on top of it.

The section should be complete by the end of 2021.

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