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Cambium Group to produce ACZA-treated ties in Canada

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

The Cambium Group, Inc., a licensee of Lonza Wood Protection (LWP), has started production of ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate (AZCA)-treated crossties. Cambium will be the first Canadian producer of these ties, which the company says are an alternative to creosote crossties.

It will market these crossties in both Canada and the United States under LWP’s Chemonite® brand name.

The production comes after two years of testing and evaluation by Cambium. The company will produce ACZA pressure-treated crossties and switch ties, of both hardwood and softwood species, at its South River, ON, Canada, facility (known as Jan Woodlands).

Cambium officials say the decision to add ACZA-treated crossties and switches to its existing product line was designed to provide U.S. and Canadian railroads, shortline railroads, railroad contractors and mining companies and contractors an alternative product that combines favorable environmental attributes, such as leach resistance and a clean, non-oily surface, with superior performance properties, specifically, protection against termites and fungal decay.

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