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Sound Transit to update informational signage during next few years

Written by Kyra Senese, managing editor
Sound Transit
File photo

Sound Transit this week announced that digital signs will be in use at all Link light-rail stations, providing real-time arrival information for riders in the new few years.

The information, which had previously been available only at the Capitol Hill and University of Washington Link stations, is intended to inform riders of the anticipated arrival time for the next three trains.

Sound Transit said the information for the signs comes from the same source that supplies information to the Capitol Hill and University of Washington stations.

Additionally, officials said Sound Transit will have the ability to interrupt real-time arrival information to update riders in the event of a service disruption.

This feature allows for the signs to display more relevant information during service disruptions by displaying more specific messages until full service is restored.

The new feature can be activated for the entire alignment at once, or at individual stations or groups of stations as needed, Sound Transit said.

The transit system plans to replace its existing digital signs with a new passenger information system that will improve accuracy, timeliness and readability.

The new system is set to rollout in 2023 and provide a unified experience across transit modes and communications channels, improving the agency’s ability to deliver various types of information.

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