RTD Downtown Boulder Station Lobby Ductwork

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of RTD

DENVER – Since January 2023, the station was closed for a thorough cleaning and replacement of ductwork after methamphetamine residue was found.

In an announcement from the Regional Transportation District (RTD), the Downtown Boulder Station lobby will reopen on February 19th. The station was closed in January 2023 after methamphetamine residue was found in one of the restrooms and had entered the interior ductwork. 

Therefore, crews removed and replaced any ductwork that could not be thoroughly cleaned. They installed new sheet metal ductwork with exterior insulation, so the interior can be maintained. Now, the ventilation in the restrooms is improved “by way of more powerful exhaust fans.” RTD states that any smoke from illicit substances be found in the restroom, the residue should be confined to that area, which would make cleanup easier. In addition, crews had to remove drywall in order to access said ductwork.

As well, crews repainted the walls and ceilings of the lobby, added a new powder coating to benches, replaced the entryway matting, and deep cleaned and sealed the main tile floor. Once surfaces had been tested for any more residue after the cleanup, the results determined the station was safe to reopen to the public. 

General Manager and CEO Debra Johnson said, “The collective goal of all employees involved in this project was to ensure the station could be reopened in a safe condition. . . While illicit substance abuse is a societal issue that impacts everyone, and not solely RTD, it is the agency’s overarching responsibility to provide employees and the public with clean, welcoming transit environments.”

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