WATCH: DART Technology in Alaska

JUNEAU, Alaska – The State of Alaska reports a successful deployment and detonation of two CIL explosives on an unmanned UAS by the Alaska Railroad Corporation and Alaska DOT&PF.

Report: Activist Investor Attempting NS Takeover — Commentary Through Our Railway Age Colleagues

ATLANTA ––According to an unsubstantiated late-Jan. 31 Wall Street Journal article, an investor group led by activist Ancora Holdings Group, LLC intends to run a proxy fight and replace Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw. Ancora has reportedly built a position in NS and would likely try to take control of the Board to enact management and operational changes. We highlighted this as the number one risk in our downgrade earlier this week. NSC was up ~5% after hours. Story by Jason Seidl, Matt Elkott, Elliot Alper and Uday Khanapurkar, TD Cowen