Metrolinx Awards Contract to SoilFLO

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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SoilFLO Earthworks Software tracking loads on-site. (CNW Group/SoilFLO)
Courtesy of CNW Group/SoilFLO

TORONTO – Metrolinx awarded a contract to SoilFLO to “optimize its soil management processes and further enhance its ecological initiatives.”

Cision reported Metrolinx awarded a contract to SoilFLO to “optimize its soil management processes and further enhance its ecological initiatives.” This will allow Metrolinx to streamline soil tracking, compliance procedures, and record-keeping and, at the same time, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

SoilFLO is a provider of soil management software, and this contract “demonstrates a shared dedication to preserving and improving the environment through forward-thinking technologies and collaborative efforts.” The software from SoilFLO allows both environmental and construction teams the use of a platform that “simplifies soil management tasks” and the ability to focus on sustainability. With this agreement, Metrolinx can enhance its operational efficiency and reduce its ecological footprint as well as promote “responsible soil usage and [safeguard] ecosystems throughout Ontario.” 

The SoilFLO-Metrolinx agreement lines up with Metrolinx’s goals of a greener transportation system and sustainability initiatives which include “energy conservation, waste reduction, and ecosystem protection.” These are vital to Metrolinx’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

President of SoilFLO, Kevin Goldberg commented: “Metrolinx has always been at the forefront of sustainable transportation solutions, and we are thrilled to work with them. . . By combining our expertise in soil management software with their dedication to environmental sustainability, we are confident that this collaboration will drive significant positive change across transportation projects throughout Ontario.”

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