UPDATE: OCTA and Metrolink Continue Work; Metrolink Issues RFP

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of OCTA

ORANGE COUNTY – OCTA and Metrolink crews have removed some tarps to assess the condition of the slope. Metrolink issues RFP to construct a barrier wall.

UPDATE: On February 9th, both OCTA and Metrolink teams observed another 12 inches of slope movement. However, freight trains will continue to run overnight at 10 mph. Additionally, Metrolink received a proposal from its contractor to construct a barrier wall to protect the track. As of reporting, Metrolink and OCTA are reviewing the proposal. There should be an awarded contract sometime during the week of Feb. 12th. The statement says once the contract is awarded, the team will then “work together to explore the possibility of resuming limited passenger service as soon as possible,” but no timeline has been set. In anticipation of construction of said barrier wall, crews have begun potholing for utilities.

This work is being funded by the recent $2 million award from the CTC for the ongoing cleanup.

On February 8th, OCTA and Metrolink gave an update on the continuing work to clean up fallen debris along Mariposa Point. After placing tarps to circumvent any additional damage due to heavy rainfall, crews have been able to remove most of the tarps in the emergency work area. However, some areas are still “too muddy for crews to safely access.” The removal should allow the crews to better assess the condition of the slope next to the crack. According to the update, it is saturated and showing signs of cracking. While the slope continues to move, the pace has decreased. 

Additionally, Metrolink has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to construct a barrier wall to protect the track. 

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