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Will Short Lines Continue to Swing In The Wind? RT&S Commentary

WASHINGTON – A little over a week ago, RT&S reported that Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) reintroduced H.R. 3782 – The Short Line Railroad Relief Act with several of his colleagues. This legislation authorizes the establishment of a disaster relief program to provide much-needed immediate financial assistance to our nation’s short line railroads.

State rail safety regulation bill vetoed by Nevada governor

CARSON CITY, Nev. – We reported earlier today that the Pennsylvania House passed a rail safety regulation bill that is now being considered by the state Senate. Across the country in Nevada, Gov. Joe Lombardo vetoed a similar bill that arrived on his desk for signature.

WATCH: Autonomous Track Testing Cars Enhance Safety Across CSX

JACKSONVILLE – At first glance, CSX’s autonomous track assessment cars (ATACs) look much like a regular boxcars. In reality, however, ATACs carry advanced sensing and communications technology to detect track defects and send information automatically to the company’s Engineering database.