Amtrak’s Harrisburg Line Track Renewal Project Moves to Phase 2

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Harrisburg Line Track Work Progress
Courtesy of Amtrak

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Amtrak’s Harrisburg Line Track Renewal Project moved to Phase 2 on April 29th.

Located between Lancaster and Harrisburg, the project totals $122 million and is scheduled to be completed in two years. Amtrak reports that it is using “single and full track outages to improve work efficiencies” with a slated completion date in November.

Keystone Service trains will see “minor schedule changes” that range from 2-17 minutes on weekdays and 5-35 minutes on the weekends. Amtrak says its Pennsylvanian train schedules are not affected. Upcoming schedule changes for the month of May can be found here.

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