Hurontario LRT update – Work progresses near Port Credit GO

Written by Abby Zinman, Metrolink Corporate Communications
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Hurontario LRT construction

Crews for the Hurontario LRT project are working to connect a creek near Port Credit GO Station.

Improvements are ramping up on the southern end of the Hurontario light rail transit (LRT) project (also known as the Hazel McCallion LRT). 

This includes work on a 100-year-old creek in Mississauga, named after local pioneer Mary Fix.  

This creek plays an important role in the city’s water infrastructure. It begins at Mavis Road and Eglinton Avenue and flows through central Mississauga – including a section that is parallel to Hurontario Street south of the QEW. Finally, it empties into the Credit River at the CN Bridge in Port Credit. 

Aerial view of the east bridge of Mary Fix Creek. (Metrolinx photo)

On the east end of the creek, construction on flood walls is underway. The team has redesigned the canal so that it’s wider, with higher flood walls. This way, it will have more protection against weather impacts. 

While flood walls are in construction, crews have ensured that work does not damage the creek. Sandbags are used to divert Mary Fix Creek to one side, allowing construction of the flood walls to continue without disturbing water flow. 

Sandbags are a useful tool when implementing flood walls. (Metrolinx photo) 

Earlier this year, crews completed the west bridge of Mary Fix Creek. Pedestrians will use this bridge to cross Mary Fix Creek to enter Port Credit GO Station. 

At Port Credit GO Station, the team is working on ensuring that the light rail vehicles (LRVs) will be able to connect to the station.  

To do so, they are pushing under the tracks using the Lakeshore West push box – a large, hollow concrete box that is pushed underground to create a tunnel. This will serve as the underpass for the LRVs to get into Port Credit Station.  

A push box will also connect the underpass for northbound traffic on the Queen Elizabeth Way, so that LRVs can pass through.  

Aerial shot of the parking lot at Port Credit GO Station. The only underground station along the alignment is shown by the orange markers. (Metrolinx photo) 
The Hurontario LRT will eventually run where cars are running horizontally. (Metrolinx photo) 

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