MTA Details Improvement Projects Along the 7 Line

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Last week, the Metropolitan Transit Authority issued a press release that describes a series of improvements made on the 7 Line. The entire press release comprises the remainder of this article.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) highlighted ongoing and upcoming projects taking place along the 7 line in Manhattan and Queens. Work includes accessibility and safety improvements, state of good repair work and resiliency upgrades in the Steinway Tube. 

“MTA Construction and Development is prioritizing projects including accessibility and state of good repair that will enhance stations and extend the lifespan of our infrastructure for years to come,” said MTA Construction & Development President Jamie Torres-Springer. “We are closely coordinating the schedules of these projects to maximize the efficiency of track outages and minimize the impacts to our customers.” 

“Improving the customer experience at stations and on-board trains is our North Star,” said New York City Transit President Richard Davey. “And as riders return to the subway system, these projects will result in better and more efficient service with a more accessible system for all New Yorkers.” 

Grand Central-42 St Station Upgrades and Circulation Improvements  

The MTA continues to move forward with major capital improvements at the 42 St-Grand Central station complex. Beginning Friday, Dec. 16, crews will be replacing the first two of eight escalators slated for replacement, in addition to ongoing subway mezzanine improvements and structural repairs. Beginning next year, work will begin to add additional stairway access to the Flushing 7 line platform, as well as to widen two existing stairways connecting to the Lexington Av 4/5/6 platforms. 

Benefits of this work include additional access points and faster escalator speeds to improve circulation, more reliable escalator service with less unplanned maintenance, improved lighting, customer information, ceilings and architectural finishes, wider platform stairs for safer and improved customer circulation and new ventilators to reduce water infiltration and improve air circulation. 

Flushing-Main Street Pedestrian Circulation Improvements 

Construction to significantly improve the rider experience at Flushing-Main St station began in June and will continue through 2023. Crews are installing eight new staircases to ease current overcrowding and acute congestion on platform and street level stairs during peak hours. The new stairs will better accommodate both incoming and outgoing passengers west of Main St while improving service for those using all stairs throughout the station. 

Four new street to mezzanine stairs are being installed on the north and south corners of Main St and to the west of Main St along both the north and south sides of Roosevelt Ave. Four new mezzanine to platform stairs are also being installed. Four existing street stairs are being rehabilitated for ADA compliance and four existing platform stairs are being reoriented. The mezzanine is being expanded and two new fare control areas with six new turnstiles are being constructed. The existing CCTV camera system is being upgraded and wayfinding signs within the station are being improved.  

Accessibility Upgrades at Queensboro Plaza 

Work on accessibility upgrades at the Queensboro Plaza subway station will ramp up in early 2023 and include two street to mezzanine elevators, one of which is the second transit improvement bonus under Zoning for Accessibility (ZFA).  

Other components of the project include: one new mezzanine to platform elevator, new ADA boarding areas including new platform edges, a new ADA ramp at the mezzanine level, modified pedestrian bridges, mezzanine enlargement, ADA upgrades for existing street and station stairs and new safety features including CCTV cameras, a new public address system and digital customer information screens.  

State of Good Repair Work at Seven Subway Stations  

In September, the MTA awarded a contract for state of good repair work and other station improvements at the 61 St-Woodside and 74 St-Broadway stations. Construction will begin in 2023.  

At 61 St-Woodside, crews will be making repairs to the track support structure, reconstructing platforms with new platform edges and ADA-compliant boarding areas, replacing stairs, upgrading station drainage and waterproofing, and performing other structural repairs. The existing street-to-mezzanine escalator at 61 St-Woodside will also be replaced, in addition to three escalators at 74 St-Broadway. 

This month, the MTA is also awarding a multi-phase contract for improvements at the 52 St, 69 St, 82 St, 103 St and 111 St stations. Crews will be replacing stairs; eliminating uneven walking surfaces by replacing the mezzanine floor and platform; upgrading the customer experience with new windscreens, artwork and painting; upgrading and installing light fixtures and installing CCTV cameras to enhance safety.  

Steinway Tube Improvements  

Work on the Steinway Tube project is expected to begin next year and includes several resiliency and state of good repair improvements. As part of this project, a 60-ft long reinforced concrete flood wall and deployable flood gate will be installed just outside of the Hunters Point Av station, which can be deployed in advance of a coastal storm to prevent water from entering the Steinway Tube. Several resiliency improvements will be made to under river tube pump rooms, including elevating controls and providing generator connections. Corrosion preventative measures are also being added to the pump discharge lines.  

“Station ReNEWvation” at Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av and Court Sq Stations 

Vernon Blvd and Court Sq will undergo “Station ReNEWvation” work during the first quarter of 2023. While these stations are scheduled for planned weekend outages, New York City Transit will piggyback with deep cleaning and cosmetic upgrades include power washing the station; removing gum from floors, benches, staircases or columns; repainting columns and retiling platforms or walls where necessary. Following initial deep cleanings and repairs, routine and specialized cleaning will maintain this level of cleanliness. 

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