Maryland Transit Administration Receives $213MM To Replace Light Rail Vehicles

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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BALTIMORE – $213 million in federal funds were awarded to the Maryland Transit Administration to replace 52 light rail vehicles.

The Maryland Transit Administration was awarded $213 million for its light rail system. The funds will go toward replacing 52 light rail vehicles, according to CBS News. In addition to the federal funding, the State is also matching up to $90 million in funds and “allocating $127.6 million in federal formula funds to the project to complement the federal grant.”

The new light rail vehicles will reportedly have lower floors to allow for easier boarding. The newer cars will also help to improve the reliability of the system by reducing the number of vehicles out of service for maintenance. MTA’s Chief Program Delivery Officer, Kate Sylvester, said many of the current light rail vehicles are “30 years old” with “mechanical issues [that] make it difficult to get them out in service every day.”

The project’s benefits include improved accessibility and mobility, increased frequency, enhanced safety and comfort, lower maintenance costs, and improved equity as the system benefits more than 13,000 daily riders. 

Maryland Governor Wes Moore said, “Reliable transit in the Baltimore region is essential to connecting Marylanders with life’s opportunities and spurring economic growth. . . Thanks to Team Maryland’s continued support and advocacy, this funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help ensure MTA’s light rail fleet is safe and operational for decades to come.”

The $450 million Light Rail vehicle replacement project is a “high priority” in the MTA’s Transit Asset Management Plan and Capital Needs Inventory. It is also included in the Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s long-range plan. 

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