Rail and Track Infrastructure Replacements Cause PATCO Schedule Adjustments

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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CAMDEN, N.J. – PATCO will replace rail and track infrastructure between Ferry Avenue and Broadway stations over eight weeks this summer.

Nj.com reported PATCO will adjust its rail schedule starting Saturday, July 8th. The adjustment coincides “with the start of an eight-week rail replacement project”, according to an official. Because of the change, there will be “longer departure times between trains.” The project is also reported to be $6 million.

Train departure delays mean that for commuters, “trains depart every 12 minutes instead of the current every seven minutes schedules during weekday morning and afternoon peak commuting hours.”

During the schedule adjustment, PATCO will replace roughly 3 miles of “rail and track infrastructure” between its Ferry Avenue and Broadway stations. This will occur “during the summer when ridership is traditionally low, compared to the fall.” Previously, PATCO had planned for a 27-week-long reconstruction, but “the plan was adjusted to complete the work” over eight weeks this summer.

Regarding the ridership over the summer compared to the fall and the decision to begin track maintenance now, PATCO general manager, John D. Rink stated the reason is “to minimize the impact on our other customers.” Additionally, PATCO has “explored different options and the revised timeframe seems to be the best choice for completing this important infrastructure project.”

According to nj.com, the first phase consists of the reconstruction of a “7,234-foot section of the eastbound track” and will take four weeks. After the completion of the first phase, “a new schedule will be released to allow the reconstruction of the westbound track.” In conjunction, PATCO will “perform other maintenance work” during the outage “to minimize the need for future track work.”

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