Update: KC Streetcar Track Failure and Repairs

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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KC Streetcar

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After a driver noticed a rail out of place on July 4th, Streetcar Authority announces a two-to-three-week repair of bridge and rails.

On July 7th, RT&S reported on an ongoing investigation into the KC Streetcar track failure that occurred earlier last week. Service on the entire two-mile line is suspended due to a “track failure on a portion of Main Street Bridge over Interstate 670 in downtown Kansas City.” 

At the time, the cause was not yet officially known, but “a preliminary investigation found the failure was likely due to thermal expansion and degradation of the streetcar track slab and related repair materials.” Now, a Streetcar Authority spokesman has commented that “the rail had likely bent because of thermal expansion.”

According to KCTV5, “a streetcar driver noticed the problem on July 4th, when the rail popped out of the ground as a train was approaching the bridge.” Fortunately, the driver was able to come to a halt before any injuries or further damage was incurred.

For the next two to three weeks (dependent on weather and other factors), the spokesman stated that “in addition to replacing the bent track, the contractors would break up the pavement around the other rails to inspect them in hopes of preventing a repeat of the problem.”

KMBC has reported that KC buses will be utilized as an alternative during repairs as the “northbound stop at the Power and Light District is right next to where the track failed and will remain closed along with the I-670 bridge until repairs are finished.”

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