Sound Transit’s 1 Line Resumes Service After Repairs

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of Sound Transit

SEATTLE –– Sound Transit’s 1 Line Resumes Service After Repairs.

Sound Transit announced its 1 Line has returned to service starting February 5th. Crews have finished platform work in the downtown tunnel that began in January. As service was interrupted, crews replaced 500 feet of northbound track at the sharpest curve in the system, located between University Street and Westlake. Due to wear over the years, this section was “bumpy”, and if left, it would have “become a safety hazard.” In addition, crews replaced 58 “bond boxes” which provide signal connections. According to the report, these bond boxes were damaged between 2009 and 2019 by buses. The damage led to signal failures and train delays during this time. Aside from those two projects, Sound Transit repaired sections of southbound rail and cleaned artwork.

Sound Transit Deputy CEO and Chief Delivery Officer, Russ Arnold, thanked passengers “for their patience during this extended maintenance interruption. . . We know that this hasn’t been easy for them, but the end result is a smoother ride and a more reliable system.” 

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