CSX Details Hurricane Idalia Impacts

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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WAYCROSS, Ga. – CSX suspended operations along its I-95 route through Georgia and South Carolina due to impacts from Hurricane Idalia.

Yesterday, CSX put out a service bulletin detailing the impacts of Hurricane Idalia as it hit Florida earlier this week. The Class I has started its recovery plans as the storm traveled up Florida and the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In response, crews have begun repairs where needed and started clearing tracks and checking signals and crossings. 

As of reporting, operations are temporarily suspended “along CSX’s I-95 route through Georgia and South Carolina as [it assesses] the full extent of the storm’s impact.” Additionally, operations from Waycross, GA to Thomasville, GA/Dothan, AL are also on hold. 

The hump production on one of five humps was temporarily stopped in Waycross, Ga., as the eye of the storm “passed directly over the yard.” The Class I has reported that it has since resumed. There was also a 16-hour suspension of traffic in the Manchester/Fitzgerald subdivision in Georgia, but operations have resumed. 

While CSX has said it is working to ensure operations resume safely and efficiently, it encourages those in affected areas to notify CSX of any changes.

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